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Thanks to all our users!

Thank you all for your support, and feedback during this, our development period. pinppl’s final draft, with a complete UI overhaul and some nice new features is being developed in full swing, and is set for release at the end of this month.

This is a big update, and we’re very excited about it, and hope you are too. This new version will enable you to manage your profile, and comments more effectively, and will introduce profile privacy – enabling you to make your profile private to those you have befriended, as well as some other useful changes.

All feedback is considered, so don’t hesitate to tell us what you want. We hope you’ve enjoyed the service thus far, but really – there’s much more to come.


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Tell us what you want for version 1!

Okay, currently we’re working on a complete UI overhaul (re-design) for pinppl, and with it will release many various improvements, and a few new features. This is your chance to tell us what you would like to see for this, our final release.

Thank you all so far for your help in testing pinppl. Your feedback has really helped us to improve the service, making for a more interactive and easy-to-use community and experience.

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pinppl, now with tasty comments!

I went ahead and released comments unto pinppl. Consider this a “Beta 1.5 release”, although we don’t want to get too bogged down with whacked-out version numbers.

Note that if you don’t want commens in your profile, you can change this setting in your account details.

There are quite a few improvements to be made to this feature (timezone setting, comments since last logged in, and a few others), and these will be added right after the New Year.

So play around. Go ahead and leave a comment in my profile if you want to test it out. Beta 2 (with improved comments, and PIN-number changing) has been pushed back a few days, to the 3rd of 4th of January.

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Progress update on Beta 2

We’re on schedule for the New Years release. The new comments feature is something to especially look forward to; it should add a whole new level of interactivity to the site.

New comments feature preview

Christmas seemed to creep up rather quickly, so we won’t be releasing a UI update as we wanted. We want to get it right and will be working into the first week of the new year to get in done, and have it released soon after, in a possible final release.

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New years release for Beta 2

“Beta 2”, an almost-final version of pinppl is scheduled for release sometime before the New Year. We’re just going to roll out all the features in a nice big package.

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Beta 2 currently under development

3 major features are currently under development, and will be released under a new “beta 2” build, coming soon:

We’re remodelling the entire user system. Your profile will no longer be bound by its PIN, but by a username of your choosing. You’ll be able to add up to 2 or 3 PIN’s to your profile – good for if you ever change device, or simply have more than one.

Comments! If you so wish, users will be able to leave comments on your profile.

In light of these additions, privacy options will be introduced, and linked to your friends list. Wish for only your friends to see your profile and/or leave comments? No problem. You decide how open your profile is.

The final release of pinppl, for which we do not have a release date, will feature a brand-new interface, and make for even more convenient browsing over the BlackBerry.

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New name search function added

Note that on the main page, you can now search for either a person’s name, or for a tag. The name searching function isn’t quite complete – it doesn’t have the pagination (Next | Previous) offered by the tag search function, but expect this either tonight or tomorrow.

I hope you’ll find the new function useful. It is not restricted to a single search term. Entering two words, eg. “paul anthony” will search for users’ names containing both “paul” and “anthony”.

Expect plenty more cool new additions in the coming days!

Update: the name search function is now complete with pagination.

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