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PIN number updating added

This has been a much requested feature for all those who switched to the 8100 (and for those that will switch to the 8800) – PIN number updating. Find this in your account details.

All contacts, comments, etc. will be transferred over to your new profile address. This is a feature that is to be refined, but it works perfectly fine.


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pinppl, now with tasty comments!

I went ahead and released comments unto pinppl. Consider this a “Beta 1.5 release”, although we don’t want to get too bogged down with whacked-out version numbers.

Note that if you don’t want commens in your profile, you can change this setting in your account details.

There are quite a few improvements to be made to this feature (timezone setting, comments since last logged in, and a few others), and these will be added right after the New Year.

So play around. Go ahead and leave a comment in my profile if you want to test it out. Beta 2 (with improved comments, and PIN-number changing) has been pushed back a few days, to the 3rd of 4th of January.

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New name search function added

Note that on the main page, you can now search for either a person’s name, or for a tag. The name searching function isn’t quite complete – it doesn’t have the pagination (Next | Previous) offered by the tag search function, but expect this either tonight or tomorrow.

I hope you’ll find the new function useful. It is not restricted to a single search term. Entering two words, eg. “paul anthony” will search for users’ names containing both “paul” and “anthony”.

Expect plenty more cool new additions in the coming days!

Update: the name search function is now complete with pagination.

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Some popular tags now stripped from homepage

On the homepage, you’ll notice a “Popular profile tags” section, showing the top 15 used tags in pinppl profiles. We found many of these to be of the device one was using, or which cell network they were with, eg. “8700g” and “cingular”.

We have stripped these from the display, so as to use the space for other, more community oriented popular tags. The other tags still exist, of course, and can be searched for, and found in the “all tags” section – just not in the “Popular profile tags” section of the homepage.

As you can now see, there’s a better breadth of popular tags, as opposed to “blackerry”, “8700”, etc. — we now have “canada”, “newyork”, “uk”, etc., better representing the network and community at pinppl. We hope you’ll find this more useful.

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Upgraded to new codebase

After much work, pinppl has upgraded to an object-oriented codebase. This has great benefits for the future of the service — all the backend code is now much better organised, making for quicker, and easier updates of the featureset.

No new features have yet been added, but you will most likely experience a faster pinppl experience now.

At this time, new features for pinppl are in active development, and we look forward to launching those in the very, very near future.

Please remember that if you’ve any suggestions, or feedback to send, you can comment on this posting, or email me at

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Options now available in all tags section


The “all tags” page now contains 3 display options. The default, which is “All” – will display every tag that has been made; the second, “Popular” – will display only tags that have been used by more than one user; the third, “Unique” – will display only tags that have been used by a single user.

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URL/link support added to profiles

Sorry about this not being available sooner, but please find that when you enter a URL (or “web address”) in your profile, pinppl will automatically turn it into a link for you.

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