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New years release for Beta 2

“Beta 2”, an almost-final version of pinppl is scheduled for release sometime before the New Year. We’re just going to roll out all the features in a nice big package.


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pinppl at London Mobile Monday

I’ll be giving a quick presentation at the Mobile Monday meeting in London, Dec. 11 at Skype’s offices. By then pinppl will have had a significant upgrade, including a change in the overall user system, and some new profile options.

The feedback received thus far has been extremely important in shaping pinppl for final release. Thank you!

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So whats new at pinppl?

…Nothing as of yet released. pinppl is currently undergoing a codebase rewrite, in preparation for some exciting new features to be added very soon.

All the feedback received thus far has been taken into account, as you’ll see in our next release. I noticed some of the same features were being asked for, those that had already been in the works – so that’s a good sign.

In general, expect to be able to “do more stuff” at pinppl very soon.

I have to remind you all that pinppl is in beta phase. In short this means it is not complete, and certainly does not currently reflect the final version to be launched (hopefully) later on this year.

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After much work, I’m proud to announce the release of, a social network for BlackBerry users – those who love PIN messaging!

pinppl allows you to create a profile, share it with your BB friends, and meet new PIN messagers. Whatsmore, it is designed to work via the BlackBerry Web browser, as well as a full computer browser (such as Firefox, or Inernet Explorer).

Expect many developments over the course of the coming weeks and months.

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