Tell us what you want for version 1!

Okay, currently we’re working on a complete UI overhaul (re-design) for pinppl, and with it will release many various improvements, and a few new features. This is your chance to tell us what you would like to see for this, our final release.

Thank you all so far for your help in testing pinppl. Your feedback has really helped us to improve the service, making for a more interactive and easy-to-use community and experience.



  1. Bob Oesterlin said

    Here a list of things I’d like to see:

    1) List last-active date on member screens (when they last logged in)
    2) (Optional) Notification of when people ad me to their friends list (via PIN or email)
    3) (Optional) Notification of new comments (via PIN or email)

  2. kristin said

    Can we add pin: links to profiles? So it is easier to message them directly from their profile if you’re viewing via bb browser

  3. Carlos C said

    How about a “remember my pin and password” option. Thanks

  4. Rob said

    How about the option to post mor then one picture at a time.

  5. mike said

    Can you make it possible to search by gender? And add a search only users with a photo option?

  6. search by location would be cool too, find people in your area.

  7. Rod said

    List of the wemen that wanna get fucked

  8. Jeff said

    how about able to delete just your Comments from someones page?

  9. seabirdone said

    Upload pic avatar direct from bb

  10. Ronald Stephens said

    you guys should put a new member section up, so we can see whos new to the site .

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