pinppl, now with tasty comments!

I went ahead and released comments unto pinppl. Consider this a “Beta 1.5 release”, although we don’t want to get too bogged down with whacked-out version numbers.

Note that if you don’t want commens in your profile, you can change this setting in your account details.

There are quite a few improvements to be made to this feature (timezone setting, comments since last logged in, and a few others), and these will be added right after the New Year.

So play around. Go ahead and leave a comment in my profile if you want to test it out. Beta 2 (with improved comments, and PIN-number changing) has been pushed back a few days, to the 3rd of 4th of January.



  1. Angelo said


  2. Cool!

  3. Panicos said

    Sorry 😦

  4. Haralambos said


  5. Grigoris said


  6. Demetrios said


  7. Manos said

    Sorry 😦

  8. Dino said


  9. Loukianos said


  10. Sterghios said


  11. Vasilios said


  12. Giatas said


  13. Basiljj said

    favorited this one, guy

  14. Siber said

    I you all love!

  15. john said

    Hi our little brothers.i

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