Some popular tags now stripped from homepage

On the homepage, you’ll notice a “Popular profile tags” section, showing the top 15 used tags in pinppl profiles. We found many of these to be of the device one was using, or which cell network they were with, eg. “8700g” and “cingular”.

We have stripped these from the display, so as to use the space for other, more community oriented popular tags. The other tags still exist, of course, and can be searched for, and found in the “all tags” section – just not in the “Popular profile tags” section of the homepage.

As you can now see, there’s a better breadth of popular tags, as opposed to “blackerry”, “8700”, etc. — we now have “canada”, “newyork”, “uk”, etc., better representing the network and community at pinppl. We hope you’ll find this more useful.


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