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Some popular tags now stripped from homepage

On the homepage, you’ll notice a “Popular profile tags” section, showing the top 15 used tags in pinppl profiles. We found many of these to be of the device one was using, or which cell network they were with, eg. “8700g” and “cingular”.

We have stripped these from the display, so as to use the space for other, more community oriented popular tags. The other tags still exist, of course, and can be searched for, and found in the “all tags” section – just not in the “Popular profile tags” section of the homepage.

As you can now see, there’s a better breadth of popular tags, as opposed to “blackerry”, “8700”, etc. — we now have “canada”, “newyork”, “uk”, etc., better representing the network and community at pinppl. We hope you’ll find this more useful.


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Regarding changing PINs

We’ve had a couple of requests for change-of-PIN functionality. I accepted these requests, and promised to include this functionality, and for that I apologise, as we do not feel it in the best interest of the service to incorperate this, after much thought, consideration and experimentation.

If you were to change your profile’s PIN, the profile URL also will change. This is an issue that can be overcome by us putting in a “profile moved” page, should anyone visit your old profile address.

But, what if someone else, who you have invariably handed your BlackBerry down to, would like to register a profile with their new (your old) PIN?

One of the main points of pinppl, as I am sure will be reflected once the service expands, is that you can lookup the profile of a friend, so long as you know their PIN. It is about the person that belongs to the PIN, as this is the platform through which you communicate via the BB, and for which pinppl is based.

If you’re in a position where you have a new device, and would like to change the PIN associated with your profile, just manually move that information over to the new profile (copy & paste), and leave a note on your old profile explaining that the PIN is no longer in use. (Or remove that profile entirely, if you wish. It’s all up to you.)

I believe this to be the best solution, and creates benefits such as if someone were no longer able to send you PIN messages, they could lookup your old profile, and see that you changed devices, and PIN.

We really don’t want to make the same mistakes with pinppl that so many other Web services have. To add functionality for a change of PIN, creates a spiral of new issues to be resolved, in ways which can only be confusing and bloated in terms of usability and optionset.

There seems just one pro for this functionality — that being the ability to move your profile information to a new PIN, not doing it manually. But you’re highly unlikely to need to do this very often.

Tell us what you think. This is your guys’ service, your feedback is crucial to the development of pinppl which we hope all BlackBerry users will be able to make much use of at final release.

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