Profile privacy

Your profile’s privacy is based in a very simple rule: whether or not you have any tags associated with it.

A new feature added to the pinppl homepage is recently updated profiles. If you’re using pinppl to privately share with your close friends or colleagues, you will not tag your profile — tagging creates criteria by which people can find it.

If your profile has not been tagged, it will not appear in any of the homepage lists (including new users by photos), but will appear in the friends lists of other users if they have befriended you. (Some functionality for this will be added soon, if you’d rather hide your profile even in these lists.)

Profiles are not indexed in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc. This is turned off to protect your privacy.

Of course, anyone can visit your profile, so long as they know your PIN number, but soon, functionality for this too will be added, whereby only those you have befriended will be allowed to view.

Expect many cool and exciting features during the course of pinppl’s development to final release, including a complete UI overhaul.


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  1. […] I found the site from good old MOMB (because of course it’s in beta, although a recent blog entry implies a “final release” – although that could easily be misinterpreted, but I’m not going there), a site I first found when they found me.  TechCrunchUK seems to be picking up from its US counterpart, here’s a quote: All in all, it’s an exciting new entrant into the social networking space with an interesting slant. […]

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