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Upgraded to new codebase

After much work, pinppl has upgraded to an object-oriented codebase. This has great benefits for the future of the service — all the backend code is now much better organised, making for quicker, and easier updates of the featureset.

No new features have yet been added, but you will most likely experience a faster pinppl experience now.

At this time, new features for pinppl are in active development, and we look forward to launching those in the very, very near future.

Please remember that if you’ve any suggestions, or feedback to send, you can comment on this posting, or email me at


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Tag thievery

The great thing about profile tags is that when you see one that applies to you, you can use it – and right there you’ve created another connection.

I’ve stolen many tags at pinppl, and am proud to say!

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So whats new at pinppl?

…Nothing as of yet released. pinppl is currently undergoing a codebase rewrite, in preparation for some exciting new features to be added very soon.

All the feedback received thus far has been taken into account, as you’ll see in our next release. I noticed some of the same features were being asked for, those that had already been in the works – so that’s a good sign.

In general, expect to be able to “do more stuff” at pinppl very soon.

I have to remind you all that pinppl is in beta phase. In short this means it is not complete, and certainly does not currently reflect the final version to be launched (hopefully) later on this year.

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Options now available in all tags section


The “all tags” page now contains 3 display options. The default, which is “All” – will display every tag that has been made; the second, “Popular” – will display only tags that have been used by more than one user; the third, “Unique” – will display only tags that have been used by a single user.

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pinppl @ TechCrunch UK

I’d like to thank Daniel Appelquist of TechCrunch UK for his coverage of pinppl. TechCrunch, in case you didn’t know, is an extremely influential blog about new Web startups, and technologies.

pinppl is one of the first sites to enter the mobile social networking space, and as I stated in the TCUK comments, I am confident it will introduce many new and unique features to “MoSoNet”.

Look forward to some cool stuff in the coming days, including multiple tag searching.

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URL/link support added to profiles

Sorry about this not being available sooner, but please find that when you enter a URL (or “web address”) in your profile, pinppl will automatically turn it into a link for you.

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pinppl featured on the MCA podcast

Tonight I did an interview with the Mobile Computing Authority podcast, a very interesting show about “all mobile computing topics”, where we discussed pinppl, amongst other subjects.

If you’re interested in checking it out, visit the MCA site to download the show in mp3 format, or check it out on iTunes.

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