Help promote pinppl!

Your profile is a way for you to express yourself, to let people know about you, and to do with whatever you like. Let people know about your pinppl profile. Ever wanted to show a PIN buddy your photo? Tell them, “<yourpin>”.

The best way for pinppl to “get out there” is by word of mouth, or word of PIN in this case. If you post on a BB discussion board, why not put your pinppl profile address in your signature — give people a reason to PIN you, that’s what pinppl is for – it is your space on the BB Web.



  1. […] So I went ahead and got myself a pinppl account and now I’m promoting it. […]

  2. Ventor said

    Great job Paul. I would love to help promote. We have a pinppl badge readily available to use.

    Of course it would have to pass Paul’s standards first.

    You can check it out at

  3. Siddharth said


    You’ve done a ‘marvellous’ job. I already feel that the community will grow exponentially. Only an hour on convinces me that it’ll be a huge hit with the BB addicts. I use the BB messenger extensively to communicate with my team at work. pinppl helps me meet new people through my messenger. That’s a dream come true as I am totally addicted to my messenger. I appreciate your effort and the initiative.

    Best wishes,


    PING me : 20480034

  4. Paul said

    Thank you very much Siddharth. 🙂

  5. Siddharth said

    You are welcome Paul.

    I was wondering if you’d allow blogging from other members too like MySpace does? I’d love to have such a feature.

    Nonetheless, I loved this concept. I have already included my pinppl profile in my blog. I’d love to spread the word.

    Catch ya soon.


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