beta released!

After much work, I’m proud to announce the release of, a social network for BlackBerry users – those who love PIN messaging!

pinppl allows you to create a profile, share it with your BB friends, and meet new PIN messagers. Whatsmore, it is designed to work via the BlackBerry Web browser, as well as a full computer browser (such as Firefox, or Inernet Explorer).

Expect many developments over the course of the coming weeks and months.



  1. anon said

    Looks interesting, but you should put some more information on the front page, describing what exactly is going to be done with your PIN once you put it in. Some people may be hesitant to enter in the information if they don’t know what it’s going to be for. I know it has something to do with a buddy system, but I don’t want to submit mine until I know whether it will appear on a public list, just be released to certain people, etc. Thanks, site looks promising so far.

  2. Paul said

    Thanks for the comment. 🙂 I must stress that it is a beta release, so I’m not yet pushing the featureset, etc. – I expect it will initially take off by word of mouth, or word of PIN.

    The point of the site is that you can share your PIN, and information about yourself to fellow BB users. Your profile will only show up on the homepage of the site if you tag your profile – give your profile a way in which it can be found.

    Other than that, people can find your profile only if they know your PIN. They can simply visit[your pin]

    It’s not so much a buddy system – it’s a profile hosting service, also allowing you to create friendships — all for the BB.

    EDIT: Just to add – you can remove your account at any point.

  3. n8d said

    Interesting to say the least. Now for those people with tags, how can you view all of them? Or do you just need to do trial and error by entering tags? Pretty much, is there a user list or search option? I don’t see it.

  4. Paul said


    You know what? A full tag list completely slipped by mind. Will implement that tonight – I have no idea how I forgot about that.

    A userlist is in the works, as well as an option for whether you wish to appear in the list or not.

    As the site has just launched, there isn’t much of a userbase right now – but when there is, I’m sure there won’t be any tag you enter that won’t pull up a few users. (Well, I’m sure there’ll be some!)

    Remember that anyone that knows your pin can just visit[pin number]

  5. n8d said

    Also, sorry, just kinda critiquing, but is there a way maybe u can log in with ur pin or user name? Just having to remember a pin—one more thing I have to cram into my head.

  6. Paul said


    Well, the PIN is kind of the “main” point. So, the short answer is No. But I will put in a checkbox to remember your details, so you won’t have to login each session.

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