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BlackBerry Cool likes pineapple, I mean pinppl

Google searching for “pinppl” will likely return the suggestion for you to search “pineapple”, instead – which is probably how BlackBerry Cool came to refer to us as that.

Thanks to the BB Cool team for your coverage — we greatly appreciate all the support the BB community has given us thus far.


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Character limit added to profile tags

From this point fourth, individual profile tags are limited to 30 characters each. Some kind of a cap had to be placed … I feel 30 characters is quite sufficient.

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Download Squad writes about pinppl

Well, we seem to be getting quite a bit of attention lately. Another great, leading tech blog, Download Squad recently made a post about pinppl, entitled “BlackBerry PIN addiction“. Nice title, but we’re not addicted…we can quit any time we want. Honest. We just don’t want to right now.

Thanks Chris Gilmer, and the Download Squad crew.

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Pagination added to tag search

Tag search pagination

A lot of connections are being made through the tag feature, so pagination has been added to the tag search view, so as not to overload your browser memory with tens (and in future hundreds) of tag search results, and making it difficult to browse through.

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GigaOM makes mention of pinppl

Leading tech news blog, GigaOM recently made mention of pinppl in a posting.

Thanks to Om Malik and the GigaOM crew.

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Photo upload bug plugged

For the time being, all uploaded images must be greater than 150px in height and width. (This is an ideal size anyway, if you want people to see what you look like!)

However, this restriction will be lifted once the issue has been resolved.

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Yet another image upload bug found

There seems to be an issue with smaller images bein uploaded. Sorry for any inconvenience if your image doesn’t work — for 95% of you, there shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’ve uploaded a problematic image that isn’t displaying, please go to your “Edit details” and select to delete the photo, and update your profile. As soon as the issue is found and resolved, I’ll announce here.

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